Welcome to my page! I'm Cabbage and this is my hardcoded little website. Mostly free of JavaScript (only the videogames page has it!). I would like to thank cementgarden for the layout inspiration, because I truly needed it. The code of course, is fully my own.
This website is my only personal corner of the Internet, as I am not a fan of social media.
This is my personal webpage used for media reviews such as anime, manga and books, but I also use it as a diary. I might get a bit ranty sometimes in my diary, and I don't really spend a lot of time fixing the formatting and mistakes there. I also write articles sometimes. All of the opinions on this website are my own.
This website is best viewed on a computer, but it shouldn't break on mobile phones.
The art on my banner was done by Aya Takano, and you can see the artists for the rest of the images in the alt attribute.
I have an RSS feed. If you want updates about some of my reviews, more notable rants or just short blog posts you may subscribe. This is great if you don't have a neocities account but still want to follow my website .
I hope you have a pleasant stay here!
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w a r n i n g


Before you dive into the rest of the content, specifically my diary, please know that I talk about various matters that might make people uncomfortable, so if you're looking for something that's squeaky clean, happy and relaxing, my diary isn't it!
Adding to that, my about page has some implied nudity, but the rest of my page should be sfw image wise.


d i s c l a i m e r


I don't care if you use any of the graphics from my site, after all they were not made by me originally. Feel free to copy code snippets as well. I'll appreciate any credit but it isn't necessary.


XMPP: cabbage@disroot.org

e-mail: fermentedcabbage

discord: cabbage#3592

I'm more likely to respond over e-mail, but feel free to send me a pm on discord anyway, I'll get around to it!

My neocities profile can be found here.

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