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June 15th, 2021

Days are flying by so fast and I'm too busy procrastinating. So I won't talk about uni at all, instead I'll talk about that cursed forum I frequent. Every day I get closer to becoming some bible thumping, 10 iq, conservative nationalist I swear. Well, okay that's a lie but the hate I feel towards people that are supposed to be on kind of my side I guess is astounding. I hate that people preach this false image of understanding, maturity, kindness, willing to educate without being mean or condescending and so on, but the truth is far, far from it. They always compare themselves to the category of the forums frequented by children and say how much better than them they are but there are a few consistently aggressive and downright evil people that mask their negativity under layers and layers of identity politics and being extremely left, lgbt, self diagnosed with at least 4 disorders etc. And that's okay! You can be a part of that! But you have to understand most of the world isn't aware of such issues, especially outside of the Internet. So then these people, that preach those above mentioned values become the most disgusting passive aggressive emotional blackmailers the moment somebody says something slightly ignorant or just something that's not accepted by their tiny circle. "What you just said is so extremely insensitive and appalling that I can't even answer to your post." they say to a slightly ignorant person that said something slightly insensitive, an opinion that's most likely shared by 99% of the human population because normal people will just not bother themselves with such minute identities and tiny issues that occur in a small bubble of terminally online people. But no, everyone on this forum has to be super educated on that topic otherwise they're literal Satan or Hitler or whatever. And how do they not understand that such tone will only breed hostility? That it's only going to push people away? That not everyone is so privileged to know about these things, and that they might come from extremely religious, conservative maybe even poor environments that have been educating them much worse things than what they said? How can you not tell the difference from someone being purposefully invalidating and someone just not being able to understand a certain concept because of how different it might sound at first? Like damn, these people have no understanding of nuance. But the worst thing is that they're sure they're the good ones. And that they're doing no damage, or that no way in hell can they make someone feel bad because after all they're a bpd psychotic xenogender with delusions so somehow anything they do is fine and acceptable and calling them out would be rude and ableist and discrimination. It's so exhausting that I stopped bothering to talk about these topics, one slip up and I'm banned.