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March 10th, 2021

Okay okay, I didn't write anything in a while, I must say I abandoned this site a bit but I'm still working on one of the pages, albeit lazily. My social life during corona has ironically flourished and I finally visited my friends' hometown which I've never been to!! It's a really nice town, similar in population to mine but it looks much more alive. The weather was beautiful, 20°c in late February! We drove around the town, walked around and then went to her house where I got taught a board game. Luckily I was tipsy so I wasn't so nervous when learning it. All in all I had a great time and I hope I'll hang out with her like this again. Then a week later we met up as we usually do and a friend we didn't see for a year showed up too, I was super glad to see him. My mom gave him a ride home because the buses to his town (which is very close to mine) are so much more irregular than before. On our way back we saw a building, commie block style, that's been hit pretty hard in the earthquake. All the ruined houses and buildings that I've seen until that moment were either very old (like 150+ yrs) or badly built so I never felt this ...dread that I felt when I saw that building. It couldn't be more than 70 years old but it looked really bad. Windows on the last floor were blown out as if the whole first floor got crushed under the weight. It really disturbed me.

That aside, I finally got the book I ordered. Ctrl + T2 by Asano Inio. It's basically an illustrations book. His work really impacted my teen years and I enjoy looking at it so having it in a physical form is so nice. I'll probably scan some of the pictures and use it on my site, they can't be found anywhere online just yet so it'll be pretty unique he he. In the meantime here's one of the shitty phonescans I did before I get a hold of a real scanner.

Getting the book was such a hassle though, it took 10 days to get dispatched but slow delivery times don't really bother me. What really bothered me was that they managed to lose it and deliver it to the wrong post office so I had to make the trip to my post office 3 times to finally get it. I'm not angry at anyone though, after the earthquake our main post office stopped functioning so the whole situation got messy. But cycling to that damn hill where the new post office is for 3 times gave me some sore muscles. Oh well I need to lose some of that quarantine weight anyway. Last pants I bought were size 40... I'm sure the sizing was just incorrect haha... Also I told that friend of mine that I had a neocities site I hope he won't find this blog it's a bit embarassing. It could be worse though I'm lucky I keep the cringiest of thoughts to myself. Oh and I'm still addicted to doll sites god damn.