March 23rd, 2022

Yesterday my boyfriend went to work so I was alone for the first time ever since all of my years of visiting him. That makes it sound very dramatic, but indeed it's the first time we were apart when irl, if you don't count the times when he used to go to class and I spent time at his uni library napping on extremely comfortable beanbag sofas? beds? I went to our new apartment (still haven't finished moving) to clean it up a bit, I mostly focused on the kitchen. I defrosted the fridge and the freezer, it took about 3 hours for the freezer. It had a lot of built up ice, but that wasn't the biggest problem. The smell.... Oh Lord. The previous tenants didn't really leave us with a clean home and even though the landlord renovated it some items like the fridge and the toaster oven remain as proof of the messy tenants lol. Thinking back on my home and how often we cleaned it, it wasn't that often and it's always a bit messy, but it never got this bad. And my mom isn't even a cleanfreak and she'd clean the oven like... pretty rarely, so I wonder how people let things get to this point. The freezer was full of hairs embedded in the ice for some reason, and I'm not the type to gag when finding a hair in my food for example, but this made me queasy. I also found a few tiny fruit flies (not that big of a deal) and a tiny roach ew ew. I cleaned it as well as I could, degreased and desinfected that shit thoroughly. I also cleaned the cabinets/counters that are apparently new, although they seem a bit used despite just being installed which is weird. I tried cleaning the toaster oven but it was so greasy and rusty I gave up. And when I turned it on it started making weird sounds and sparkling, which might have been because of the remaining cleaning products perhaps (although I did my best to remove everything and waited til it dried completely) but I'd rather not risk it. It smells like death anyway so we're probably throwing it away. Later I ordered from a new restaurant (took the risk!) with cheap prices and I loooved the meal. Salmon fillet in teriyaki, vegan puree (this kind of made me laugh a bit, just taking the milk out of the equation would make it vegan, and I had no idea whether it was potatoes or sweet potatoes lol) and green beans. Damn it was tasty, not overly spiced up so I could taste the salmon and the puree properly. Dreading the day this place will inevitably raise their prices. I took a nap in the bed with a new mattress and then I went out to buy some cosmetics stuff I was missing. Then I went back and cleaned some more. All in all a good day.
Now a quick rant. You know what type of people I hate? People that love their workplaces a lot. And no, I don't mean in a "I'm a stable person working in a nice environment and I'm glad to be here and I'm telling you this over coffee" way, no no no, I mean the "I'm addicted to social media and also posting on my very public account that my coworkers can very easily find by searching my real name about how much I totes love my workplace and my superiors, I have to post about it once a week at least, please put your dick in my ass" way. Jesus. My former (?) friend turned into this, and it's such a weird thing to do, especially when seeing it happen locally. Never seen anyone do that where I'm from. He posts about his workplace in this... mega corporate, forgive me for uttering this, soy way that makes me want to crawl up and die. Like, dude, stop. He was always a bit of a suckup but it was tolerable because it was limited to real life so you know, you gotta do what you gotta do, but this? Jeeeeesus. You know the type of tryhard linkedin posts you'd see people make fun? That but on other platforms. It's so disingenous, I feel like if I talked with him irl he'd definitely shit on his coworkers, 100%. Ughhhhh. It's especially grating because I'm pretty sure he talked about how he has a small dick on that account (in a totally ironic way of course), yet now 25% of his posts are about his job lmao. It's so funny to see.

March 21st, 2022

Alright I'm back, with a bit of a timeskip. There's a tiny piece of melted kinder chocolate on my laptop, how did that get here. Anyway, I am finally with my boyfriend! I'll be staying here for 3 months, but let's say this was an act of me officially moving away. We've been going through the process of renting a place so that's why I haven't really been writing anything in my diary. I was also busy tying all the lose ends with my university - something I don't even want to think about right now! My life is a mess as usual and I already miss my mom and my sister. And my cat. Since I've been cooped at home for 2 and a half years, much more than usual, separating was kind of hard. I didn't cry or anything but a part of me definitely is gone now. At least we're calling each other often and talking. Helps a lot. My boyfriend works mostly from home which is great, and in a few days we will finally move in so I'll be able to actually start living. Due to his family situation I can't really do anything but stay inside his room during the day which kind of sucks. We're living on takeout and my stomach won't be able to hold on much longer. Speaking of food, I've visited his country before and experienced the food plenty and all, but only now do I notice how much they abuse certain spices. Even if I'm eating something as simple as a bean stew (something I'm really longing for right now), the bean stew I'll receive here if I order it from a "homemade" restaurant will taste 90% like turmeric and curry, 10% like bean stew. I don't mind spices, in fact we love spices at home, but shit!! This is too much. Not all food needs its taste completely hidden by spices.
I'm still playing Tera, but just a bit. My ping isn't ideal here, and I'm trying to get my hands on a mod that helps with it but the dev isn't responding... So I can't play dps classes at the moment. I've been farming easy content and waiting for the game to die. Also one thing I really dislike in mmos, is when you meet someone really nice that will help you get into hard runs and form a semi static.. but they turn out to be a total pain in the ass. This guy has been spamming my discord dms the whole day yesterday, to top it off he's really rich and loves talking about food in a really connoiseurish way where I don't understand SHIT he's saying and I'm just too anxious to say anything food related when he asks me questions because I'm afraid of looking like a fool. I hate rich people. Weird dude, but I've experienced many such cases in Tera so far so I know how to deal with them, kind of. I wonder where they get the time to talk and get close to so many people while also experiencing lavish lifestyles and crazy well paying jobs and shit.
I've been thinking of making a little book reading progress page on my site but I'm waiting until I've read a few more books to fill it in a bit better lol. Maybe I should just start working on it right away, not like I don't have free time. I really loved Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto, especially the second and third short story. Currently I'm really into reading this kind of aimless, 20 to 30-something female lit. Also I find contemporary translated Japanese literature really easy to read which is something my brain appreciates right now.