Welcome to this page's designated trash can. You'll see all kinds of stuff here, that's meant to benefit no-one. Or is it?

02/05/22 (Mon) 23:45:27 Post No. 3

After browsing geocities archives for good two weeks now I have one useful thing to say. If you have a website that says "things are under construction, sorry" in every corner, better don't! Personal websites are always under construction, I think it's a given. I've seen so many old pages that are just stuck in a permanent limbo of being under construction because they were archived in that form and that's kind of depressing, don't you think? Now I leave you with a beautiful entry qoute from this site:
Konichi wa fellow anime brothers and sisters, I am Demon Lord Wataru of the heavens. Right now you are at the gates of my world, my world of anime. Words cannot describe it my bountiful paridise. In my realm, all that I have gather in my travels lie here. Relics of different wolrds that I have visted. Searching, searchig far and wide for these priceless artifactes. Searching the different realm and worlds, to find what I love the most, Anime. Nothing can satisfy me more then the colorful beauty of its bountyness. Here at this world, I have set down in stones, my relics of anime. From photo to momentos of my travel. Long live Anime!! Shout it out my fellow brother and sisters. Click on the picture to enter the realm of beauty. So strap yourself to the screen, and fight off all those who would oppose you and parpare to go blind. You can vist my other site at this link here

29/04/22 (Fri) 9:53:48 Post No. 2

Another weird thing that's been sitting in my bookmarks for over a decade is a gallery of DragonCon from 2004. I'm not sure why I saved it, but this website is peculiar. If you were to just go to something.com you'd only get the word "Something.". So why then does the website contain pics from DragonCon 2004? We may never know. It even has it's facebook page, so I guess I forgot some lore and the reason why I saved it in the first place.

28/04/22 (Thu) 23:57:26 Post No. 1

This YouTube video has been sitting in my bookmarks for over a decade. I first watched it when I was around 12, maybe even younger. The music and the little dolls still remain in my memory to this day, so I figured it might be time for me to etch it into someone else's brain too.