Useless index of forum based dress-up sites

Here I'm going to document all the forum based dress-up games I know about. I'm going to focus on dressup games with humanoid bases, because I believe there's quite a few furry ones I've never been into or looked for. I'm not equally familiar with all of them. I'll probably avoid phone-only ones. I'll throw in tips for the games I'm most familiar with. I am not going to share my username on any of these, as it could easily be traced back to this site and land me a ban lol.

Site name Base avatar Pros, Cons and Tips


Not that hard to make money

This game is really old so there's a huge amount of clothes to choose from.

Community is alright, around a year ago there was a ton of drama but for casual posting it's nice.

There's a monthly competition that's fun to participate in as you get 7 days to prepare and submit an outfit, you can only submit it once!

You'll get a lot of nice comments on your profile as it's a part of the daily mission, but people also really like to leave comments which I find cute.

Getting the real money currency isn't impossible without real money.

The real money currency is not used for clothes at all.

Don't need the subscribtion to enjoy the game. Barely makes a difference.

Avatars can look really nice and creative as the game allows you to stack as many items you want, and there's no limit on how many items you're allowed from one category either.

Leveling system that will make you log in daily so you can send your bimbo to work, gain fitness, vanity and superficiality (lol)

The site is adult only, and generally being nuanced and critical of things is allowed and it won't get you an insta ban.


Changed the name to for absolutely no good reason

No user trading system or a second-hand market.

The owner of the site is a bit strange and there's often drama surrounding him and his weird leadership. I personally think he's hilarious.

Due to the name of the site it attracts a lot of sissy roleplayers on one hand, and very liberal feminist and annoying people that consider "bimbo" to be the most empowering word in the world. Depending on what you're into, one of those will annoy you.

The forums are sadly a bit dead, I still manage to post sometimes and get replies but not as often as I'd like.

Profile editing isn't very versatile as you can only embed images and put in text.

The searching system in the shop isn't the best.

The staff is a bit weird, sometimes sensitive, not sure how much you're allowed to push their buttons. I personally didn't have many issues with them, but the woke crowd did.


Easy to make money if you make use of holiday crazes and resell clothes (preferably the most expensive dress) while using artifacts called "Julius Ceasar's Coin"

Makey money through games and duels, duels you can skip through the animation by just refreshing the page

You can get gems from logging in daily and using lottery tickets every 3 consecutive days of logging in.

You don't have to get the breast surgery and therefore I recommend choosing a state at the start of the game where it isn't necessary. If you ever want to have bigger breasts you can easily find them in the shop under Other->Skins.

Before the tiktok adults invaded when the pandemic started, the site was mainly populated by old users that played it back in 2008, sissy roleplayers and middle aged women. Now it's a mix of both.


A unique (to dressup games) rpg system

Cute avatars, multiple races to choose from


Supposedly grindy


Extremely active, therefore a shit ton of clothes and people to interact with.

Making money isn't that hard.

There's a mature section of the forums if you're over 18. Mature doesn't move too fast so you can check it once or twice a day only and be up to date.

A lot of extremely cute designs

A lot of mini games, some easy to farm money with.

Leveling system that doesn't affect your game too much

A good wardrobe system

The site looks really modern and it's easy to navigate and use

There's an app

An extremely customizable profile, the best out of all these sites. You can really make good stuff, although it doesn't allow you complete freedom over css and html so you have to go through some trial and error

Informative clubs about profile designing with a lot of resources, a great way to learn html for beginners

A blog system

Don't need a subscription to enjoy the game. The benefits aren't too crazy.

There's an ingame currency exchange system that allows you to exchange ingame currency for the real money one.


Stay. Away. From. The. Community.

The community is the most cancerous of all, they're extremely unwelcoming to newfags, ironically, while claiming to be the biggest and most inclusive safespace in the world. I recommend only chatting about the game itself (clothes, trading, games, comps).

You can get really rich by manipulating the market and reselling however it takes time to do that so it's kind of a con for me

Moderation in some clubs is horrid, don't bother reporting things that aren't outright nsfw in es gen, pov we are gay or any other large club. Most likely you'll become a target for harassment.

The mature forum isn't much better, it's a circlejerk with twitter adults. Still it's the best place to post in on the whole site. Depending on what you're into it might be perfect for you.

The site is populated mainly by kids (it's 13+) and therefore there's no place for nuance or any kind of discourse. Everything is black and white

The kids call threads "forums" and instead of "bump" they say "up" or "boost" like they're on twitter or tiktok.


If you really want to interact with the community, lurk for a long while and get familiar with all the crazy shit they believe in. ES general club pinned posts in the general section might help. Some of the things to prepare for: neopronouns discourse, non-humanism discourse, if you're white you're not allowed to have avatars that don't fit your skin color or have black people hair, you're not allowed an overly weeby name, not allowed to use aave if you're not black, don't ever mention what media you're into as it has likely been cancelled, everyone is trans, everyone is disabled, everyone is mentally ill.

Don't share a lot of information about yourself.

You can make money by participating in comps and winning prizes, being online at the right time and managing to buy limited items from shops and then resell them for 100x the price

Alt accounts are not allowed so be careful.

If you're white, cis, abled, not autistic, straight - you're not welcome, I recommend faking at least 2 identities to fit in, or just don't be open about who you are at all.

You can spam memory to earn stardust, after every 3rd level refresh. At least this used to be the meta when I needed money. Similar with 2048, just spam keys till you finish the game for mindless farming

For leveling up I recommend having the app and then going under games -> competitions -> filter by voting. You can now vote easily and get 1k xp per comp.

Every two months or so the game has an event called "Galactic Hunt", where you do tasks to earn rewards. If you finish it before the event ends you get a Starpass for free, and then you can claim all the starpass only rewards.

If you decide to participate in Galactic hunt, if you have enough stars skip 20 levels. It will make it much easier for you to finish the hunt in time.
Gaia Online


Super cute avatars

Forums seem less cancerous than in some dressup games


I heard cute clothes are really expensive, money is not that easy to come by

Eternal inflation issues


Dress up game equivalent of 4chan


Dress up game equivalent of 4chan

I heard it's super cliquey, a lot of problems with grooming

Fugly avatars

Forum users refer to each other as "forumers"

You have to dl it to use it, not browser based.

For some reason the site is in french only, until you download the program which has english.


Apparently has a nice community, it seems very social aspect oriented

Decent avatar customization


Not the prettiest avatars imo, still I've seen some decent ones




You need the premium sub to fart in this game, super greedy, don't think it's worth getting into.

Not that pretty either.

You have to dl it to use it, not browser based.
Virtual Popstar


Avatars second to everskies but sometimes I find them even cuter. Don't let the old timey base skin fool you, there's some really nice skins in this game. Seems the avatar is based on the Dollz Mania avatars.

My favourite community, woke but not too woke so you have some breathing room.

They're welcoming enough, a lot of random discussions in the forums. Mostly 18+ users so the average iq is a bit higher.

You collect fans to level up, is ez enough to do but makes you want to log in consecutively so I think it's balanced okay

Site has a more old school feel to it compared to es


Kinda hard to earn money

Premium sub is recommended to have.

Forums aren't too active. Similar to mature on everskies

Not too many users online at a time


Familiarize yourself with the Bank -> Redeem Voucher navigation because redeeming codes dropped in random places by the staff will get you rare sets which you can sell later

Play games to earn money and fans

Clothes sadly hard to get, a lot of it not in the shops and instead most of the good shit seems to be limited.

To get a good start you'll have to buy the premium currency. Outside of that, you can sell all the sets you obtain from codes, sell limited items that sometimes drop in the Fashion Shop, and sell the monthly spin/hall of fame sets if youre lucky enough or skilled enough to make it to the top 10 in any of the games.


Mostly adult female community since this is an old dressup game that got revived

Active forums with moderation that doesn't seem too strict at the moment, although I predict that might change in the future

Easy to socialize in

Leveling system to keep you sort of engaged


Earning money hard at the moment, not a lot of games but those are slowly getting reintroduced

Premium sub and buying money kind of expensive

Shop items are all basically limited

Avatars aren't the prettiest

Some annoying adults from everskies joined GSM so be prepared for everskies terminal online behavior, although it's easier to ignore it here


Because of the limited shop items and how hard it is to earn money ingame currently I recommend buying only things you really want.

GoCodes get dropped fairly frequently, join the unofficial official discord for notifications because they're active for a limited amount of time (like 12 hours).

There is a trading market but I didn't get the full gist of it yet... Probably buying popular shop items might be profitable, unsure yet I totally forgot how this game worked since I was a kid lol.